Created date fields

I use created dates and edited dates in most of my tables. Glide seems to behave oddly around these. I’m assuming there are some reserved names or something, but it seems inconsistent.

I’m current using “Origin Date” (as created/creation/created at/ etc etc all have this problem). This also exhibits the problem. Maybe reserved names are not the issue.

Data view shows the field. I can create a form that uses the field, but it stop working after a while. As you can see from the screen shot, the column just becomes unable to select in the UI.

If I rename the column it works for a while, but at some point it stops and the form gets broken.

Almost as oddly, the edited date column doesn’t see to have the same issues.

Can you add the screen shot? :slight_smile:

Absolutely not. You can name columns anything you want.

This is perhaps a clue. Are these tables connected to an external data source by any chance?
I assume that the column types are set correctly as date/time types?

Oops - holiday brain. Here is the screen shot that I completely forgot to add!

No external data. All glide tables.

Okay - do you actually have a column in the target table to accept the Origin Stamp column value?

Yes - date column in there. Renaming the column seems to make it visible again, which is why I thought it might have been reserved names, but I keep finding it cleared again in the UI and the form not working.

If it isn’t that then I’ll pay more attention to what I do between it working and not working. Very odd.

Somethings not right there. The only thing I can suggest is to double-check that your form is targeting the table that you think it is. When you create a new form screen it defaults to the first table in your list of tables, so more often than not you need to change that.

Thanks Darren. If it goes awry again I will check that first.