Created a private pro app by mistake- want a public app

Hi All, I am new to Glide, and I created a private pro(inventory template to create a covid resources app) app. I put in a lot of effort to customize it to my satisfaction, only to later realise my mistake that this is private only. Is there any way to make it public, or atleast to copy my cusomizations to a new public app? Please help ASAP as this is for COVID resources

Click on “Settings” Tab :
Then Click on “Privacy” item…

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Thank you so much for your quick respone Alexis. However, I dont see that, I am not a Pro user, iss that why? This is the screen I see

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And the other screen looks something like this

You can change it in the Billing settings:

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Once again, thank so much for thee quick response Darren! Really appreciate it and the tool is just awesome!
Does this mean I have to upgrade to Pro to be able to make it public? On the other hand, If I create a new public app, I can still do it for free, is that right? Is there a way to copy my customizations to a new public app?

To clarify, I am still a free user, and would like to upgrade to pro only if I see enough traction on my app.

You should be able to switch your existing app from Pro to either Basic or Personal, and then it will be public.

How do I do that?

Also in the Billing settings:

Oh, mine is already personal

Hi Welcome to the Community.

Appreciate your efforts on building an app for Covid resources. Please let me know if you need any help on this and I would be happy to contribute my bit on this.


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Thanks a lot Pratik :slight_smile: I think we have the template ready, now the biggest challenge is data collection :slight_smile:

That’s great!