Best Practices for Migrating from Private App ➞ Pro App (Public)

I’ve been building and testing an app through the Private App pricing plan AND am finally now wanting to migrate it to the Pro App (PUBLIC) setting so more people can jump on.

Has anyone gone through this process?
And if so, what are some suggestions, things to be mindful of, & best practices to stick to? – Even a punch list of things you did to prep would be brilliant and save my butt a fair bit of time :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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Hey Steve! Great point

Points you need to consider before doing this:

  • Be sure your app has some onboarding screens or some steps/screen to greet the new users are coming to your app from now on. First impression always counts.
  • If your app there’s Roles set up in user, be sure there’s a “normal user” role/visibility for all the features your app has.
  • If you were using the action Send Email by directly by Glide, be sure this action in PRO Plan is not available anymore. Maybe you must use another action as Compose Email or use an automation platform to do this, as Integromat, Zapier, n8n, etc - I personally use n8n :wink:
  • Support / Feedback form - once your app will be open to public, it will be good to receive feedbacks or see something is not working as expect.
  • FAQ - if you see is needed.

Apart from these things, the only thing that changes between one plan and another is one considering as private and the other as public. So just be prepared for your app and your team to be ready for it.


Thanks so much! Especially that note on the ‘Send Email’ functionality. I’ll definitely have to update this.

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You’re welcome :grin:

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Ciao Lucas,

I saw that you work with n8n a good amount to connect to Glide’s Tables. Have you by chance made a video or written anything up about how to use it? Can’t seem to figure out how to pass data through unfortunately.

Please check the documentation related to working with Glide Tables API.

Basically it will be related to POST API calls.