Switch from Private to Public?

Hi Gliders,

I have an app that is currently set to Private.
Currently I create new users, AND assign a role to them, and then they can access the app.

Can I switch my app to Public (with sign in using email) have the first screen (onboarding) save a “Role” and still have my app work like when it was Private?

Are Roles intact after I do this switch?

You can, but there is a catch.
Users can only assign roles that they already have. A new user won’t have any role, so they can’t assign any role. The way to get around this would be with an external integration tool such as Make or Zapier. At the end of the onboarding, trigger a webhook with the appropriate payload (RowID, Role), and then set the role via an API call.


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Thanks Darren,

And to your point, is it not even possible to programmatically set a Role – Say, if I initially want all to have the same role “New User” or similar.

Depends what your data source is.
Glide Tables - no way that I can think of.
Google Sheets - yes, you could use an array formula.

Dang! I’m using Glide Tables.
I’ll dabble with the Zapier approach.

Thanks Darren