One of my apps cannot be copied to another user. Why?

Hello everyone,

I would like your opinion on something that makes absolutely no sense to me !
I would simply like to allow someone else to copy the app I created from my personal account with a basic plan of 12$/month
When I look at the Glide documentation, it would be enough to set the privacy settings of the app in public … But in my case, when i go to the app settings and in the “Sharing” section, the “App Copy” option doesn’t show up. Why ?

Even stranger, when i go to an another app i’ve made but with a free plan, the “App Copy” option does show up.

What did i miss ?

Thank you in advance for all your help and feedback,


You could try downgrading to the free app, copy, then switch back to paid plan.

This works for me on pro… I have to downgrade first.

Thank you !

I will try this :wink:

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Did you copy this one from a template?

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Faced same issue today. Removing Experimental Code Column helped.

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