Create only one public screen in a project

Hi the Glide community,

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

I’de like to create a screen/view/page of an entry which is public. And only this one. Not all my project/website

Context : I got entries in a list (=> events), and for each of them, I’de like to create a screen/page to display their details to anyone who got the url outside of my company (ie my clients)

Bonus : They can modify fields and do actions

Can I do that in a single project in Glide ?
Do I need to have other projects with automation between them to sync data ?
Do I need an extra tool like Make or Zapier

Many Thanks for your help


So you want each single event to have an app that can be shared to visitors? That can work.

You can store the event details in a Glide Table and add them to new projects as needed. Filter a tab to the row of the event you want to display and work with the data you need.

Hello ThinhDinh,

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes I’d like to do that. Can I sync data between apps or I need to export/import in once ?

As long as you have a shared Glide Table that store events between apps, you can do what I said above.

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