Protected App with Public Pages

I need to create a Public Property Portal which also needs some Private Admin Pages.

It seems that one can not have both at the same time in Glide.

Should I therefore create 2 Apps, one Private Back-Office using Glide Tables and one Public Portal using Linked Tables?

You can by making Sign In optional, and restrict who can sign in. And then make your Admin pages only visible to signed in users.

That’s often a good approach, depending on the overall complexity of the App. My personal approach is to use a single App for relatively simple scenarios, but break it up into multiple Apps as the complexity increases.

@Darren_Murphy Many thanks, I understand what you mean, but where do I define that?

I do not see Signed in Users?

Your visibility condition would be “email is not empty”. If a user is not signed in, they won’t be attached to any row in the User Profiles table, so that condition will always return false.

Okey Dokey

This is actually the site I am trying to re-create:

Home (

Only a few, simple pages, should be possible to create in Glide.

Its just a pity that Glide has no Sub-Menus.

Thank you for your support!

Yeah, that looks like it should be totally doable with Glide. Except of course for that drop-down menu. But you could probably just split your Properties page into 4 sections, and use container visibility to switch between them.

Hi @Darren_Murphy

Sorry, some follow-up:

I was able to create one app for what I needed but am tending to create 2 apps, one back-office and one front-office:

  • The back-office will be Private with User Table Logins.

  • The front-office will be Public only showing data from a single table.

This leads me to some questions about Linked Tables for which I could not find any answers:

  • Are Linked Tables unique e.g. there is only one Table and the 2nd App is accessing that Table or are there 2 (identical) Tables (one per app) being synced by Glide?

  • When one creates two or more apps with Linked Tables and wishes to share them or even use them as a Template, does Glide understand the connection?

PS The reason for creating 2 apps is that the back-office is totally protected and might grow as a CRM later on whilst the front-office will only show few public details and will not grow at all later on.

PSS Please bear in mind that I am talking strictly about Glide Tables but there are also quite a few images involved since this being a real estate app.

If you added the same existing table to your second app, then yes it’s just one table that’s used by both apps. Apps can have a mix of shared tables and unique tables. It’s all in how you choose to build it.

You can duplicate apps yourself and choose to either use the same data or duplicate the data into their own tables. However, if you plan to make duplicates, and also duplicate the tables, then it becomes very difficult to get both duplicate apps to use the same tables without having to rebuild one of the apps. Glide doesn’t know that you intended 2 or more apps to be a cohesive unit. Also, if you intend to use the app as a template, then whenever someone copies the template of each individual app it will also duplicate the data into its own separate tables. Same thing…both apps will not know that they were supposed to share tables because separate copies of the tables are created.

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@Jeff_Hager Many thanks, much appreciated.

Thing is that this app would only have a few public pages but quite a few private pages, which all would have to be protected one by one, unless I am mistaken.

I ASP.NET we can protect the whole app with the exception of a few, its the other way around, but less error prone!

Are you referring to one single app with both public and private sections? If so, that just comes down to utilizing Row Owners in your tables to properly control who has access to the data they are allowed to see.

The other part of it is controlling visibility of tabs. I can’t imagine that your app has a whole lot of tabs, so that shouldn’t be too complicated to set up visibility on those tabs. You shouldn’t have to go deep into every single screen in your app to control visibility. You just need to control the top level tabs. Row Owners will take care of the rest.


@Jeff_Hager Many thanks, I did some testing and using a single app seems to be viable for my requirements.

One question:

You just need to control the top level tabs.

Are there any other Tabs?

It would be great if one could create Sub-Menus whithin Glide:


Tabs are the buttons at the top, bottom, or side menu. I’m not sure what your are asking here. I say “top level” because there’s is nothing above a tab. You start at a tab and drill down through your app via buttons, lists, and various other components.

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