Create Link to Resulting Post upon Form Submit

In Pages I have created a community forum.

When a person posts a new topic, the form (of course) creates a new row that has fields like “title” “body” etc. This is a post. The forum page displays a collection that lists in chronological order all of the posts and then when a user clicks on a post in that list, they go to a detail page (I.e. the “Show Detail Screen” action) that shows the entire post and any replies to the post.

When a new post is created, or someone comments on the post, I wanted moderators and others to be notified by email. So I have created a custom action that, upon form submit, triggers a zap that emails a moderator and also those who have turned on email notifications whenever a post or comment is posted.

So here’s my question. In the email notification, I would like to be able to include a link to the actual “post”…basically a deep link to the detail screen/page for the post. For comments to an existing post, this is easy, because the post/page already exists so I can create a link to that using the" link to current screen." since the user is on that screen when commenting.

However, what I can’t figure out…and it may not be possible…is how to create a link to the initial post. When the user submits the form that creates the post, of course the entry does not yet exist. Any ideas on how I might create a custom action that after the submission of the form, captures the link to the just created row/post/page so that it can be fed through the zap to the notification email?

Each post should have the same base URL except for the end which is the ROW ID of the post.

So I would try to take the deep link of any post, create a Template column, replace the current Row ID with “ROWID” and then substitute “ROWID” with the Row’s ID. Hope thats not confusing.


Every time a new row is added the deep link is automatically created, which you can then add to your email.


Oh nice! I never really examined the URL structure. That should work!

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