Create Custom Links based on Static and Dynamic Data

It would be extremely helpful to create custom links and display values with a mix of dynamic and static data.

For example, if I have a person that has $100 as their price listed from a Google Sheet, but the calculation in Google Sheet is only 100 (not showing the dollar sign), it would be great to be able to display $100 instead of just 100 in the Glide App.

Another application would be links: Let’s say I have a user with the username “john”. Instead of having to calculate the profile link and any other links in Google Sheet, making it slower, the more users I have, it would be awesome if you could have this dynamically created, so the field would consist of a static part ( and the dynamic part from the data table (username=john) and it would link to, for example.

This would have numerous valuable applications for links, display fields, buttons, etc.

You can do this with number column formatting in Glide

You can do this with a template column in Glide.

That’s true, but not if all the data is stored in a Google Sheet. What you mentioned only works with Glide columns, but there’s no option to format in the app itself.

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This is great, thank you! I didn’t know that such columns could be created without affecting the Google Sheet. I guess that’s why you’re the expert! :smiley:

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