Create app for coach boxing

Hey I hope everyone is okay, I want to know Which platform is the most suitable for creating a boxing application: the application will have to assign boxing sessions that customers will have to book through the application, they will also be able to train via videos according to their levels and especially register with their emails and passwords.


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Welcome to the community @Brrye_Droiu.

Your app can be easily created with Glide. We have similar templates in the template store (free/paid). If you are ready to build just read the documentation, use the gym or a similar template, and then adapt to suit your specifications.

Email with password option is there for you as well as a few other ones.

You can set your app up to assign boxing sessions that customers will be able to book through the application. For example, as long as you know the dates, time and venue, you can get your customers to tap an available session and book in-app.

Train via videos? Provided training videos are available you can upload them to youtube etc and create a link. You can set visibility conditions etc…

Start here:

Thank you

Alright thanks a lot I make my customers paid for booking a sessions with coach or just watch tje vidéo of training ?

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It’s up to you. I’m still unclear on the video sessions. If by video training you mean. “ live” via the app then I’m afraid it’s not possible. Workarounds are available. You can ask others about these.

Hey Brrye!
Welcome to the community.

I built a similar app for a client, covering a number of options (not just boxing).
You can see it here:

In this app, the trainers can add sessions and users can book those sessions.

You can always customize this in the form of an online course and add videos.


They (customers) can pay per month to have access to the video training and book their session not for free

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On the app ?

Yeah training I mean

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But training is not live streaming ? we have workarounds for live streaming. Get started. Give it a go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, you can set up pay as you go, Monthly, etc payments. If your too busy to build, hire an expert. Since @sardamit has already delivered a similar one, private massage him. It might be quicker.

Tx :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not live but video of training that they use without the coach and the customers will have to pay

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Yes can be smoothly accommodated.

Thanks I appreciate that you take the time to give me your answer

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