Creating Custom Workouts From a Database

So I’m building out a fitness app, I’m not certain yet if glide will work for what I want, so I’m just going to describe the goal and if someone can tell me if this is possible and maybe point me toward a video or article to do it if it it I would really appreciate it.

I have 2 app ideas, the latter of the 2 I’m pretty sure isn’t possible in Glide but I’ll describe both nonetheless.

  1. Basic workout builder app. Essentially I want to create an app the contains a database of exercise (that I will add myself from youtube videos) and then gives the user the ability to have their user profile with their workout. The feature that I want is for a user to go to the list of exercises and add them to their workout to create a single workout. And then ideally add that workout to their personal program. I would also in a perfect scenario like to be able to add full pre-made workouts that the user can scroll through and just select those to add to their program. Though this second feature I image is inherently possible if the workout builder is possible.

  2. A interactive coaching app. So all the features above in addition to the ability for their to be a coach side and client side. Meaning coaches can assign unique workouts and program to their clients that are private and only visible to that client.

Both ideas are totally doable in Glide! You may try starting with a template & customizing the data to fit your needs. Since your all ideas include user-specific customization, this can get a little complex. You may want to check out this playlist of tutorials:


Thank you! I did look at the templates and have played with a few but I couldn’t seem to find a template that did specifically what I was looking for so I wasn’t sure if the template would have helped. I saw several workout app template but all of them seemed to use the form feature in which the user would have to manually input the names of exercises themselves rather than just selecting exercises from a database. Or the template was designed for a caoch to simply have a home for all of their full length follow along videos so it essentially functioned like youtube for just their workouts. Do you happen to know of a template that has either of these feature so I could use that as a jumping off point?

Because I’m still learning how all of this works right now I prefer the free templates because I’m still making decisions on how I want it to work so I don’t want to end up buying a bunch of templates as I change the app.