Create a price charting for very product

Hello everyone,

I am with the idea for my project done in glide pages, create a price chart, where you choose the product or search for it and then it shows you how the price of this product has changed over time, number and graphics that facilitate reading.

I was wondering if there are some good practices that you can recommend to me, especially those of you who have done this in the past to do it in the best possible way.


The most straightforward way is to create a helper table where you store the product’s price over time.

For example:

Product ID Date Price
P001 2022-01-01 $10.00
P001 2022-06-01 $12.00
P001 2022-12-01 $15.00
P001 2023-01-01 $18.00
P001 2023-01-20 $20.00

Then I imagine you can use a relation from the Products table to this helper table using the Product ID, and use a chart to display the change in price.


Thanks for the help! i can start with this example!

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