Price Valuation Calculator

Hi team,
I want to create a webpage to help user calculate the right price of an asset. The user will be inputting some variables - year, city etc and based on the calculator set at the back end, the system will show the right price of that asset as the output. How can I do that?

Hello, perfect you can do it using choice type columns where according to the choice that the user makes to the system, I send you some values ​​which are going to be added in a mathematical column, I am going to send you a video of how the choice type column works, I can help you in the process of creating your app in this link if you want, you create it and we solve the doubts while you fulfill your objective


  • You should add a table to store your user’s choices, with only 1 row, we call those “working table” in the forum (In case you want to search about it for more info).

  • Add as many user-specific columns as you need to store the user choices. Say you want year & city, that will be 2 user-specific columns. The reason you need to use user-specific columns is that you don’t want users to overwrite other people’s choice.

  • Say you want to have a price to show on the screen, create a template column joining the year & city in the current table. Create the same template column in the table where you store the info of all assets.

  • Create a relation between the two template columns above, make it a sijngle match, and finally a lookup on top of that relation to return the price.

  • Use a text column to display the lookup price on the screen.


Thanks for sharing this. I understand how we are taking the inputs from the users, how we are showing a drop down for those input variables. But unable to understand where will we show the output variable (price). Also, where will we do the calculation of this output variable? Will it be fetched through an API or I’ll have to input values in one of the columns?

How would you calculate it now? How do those selected values translate into a math formula? Do you have other tables that turn year, city, etc. into a number? What is the mathematical formula that is used to give you a price? There’s a lot of functionality to do this stuff in Glide, such as relations, lookups, math, if logic, templates, etc., but I think we need to know about what kind of data you have and what you want to do with it. It’s hard to say what you need to do without knowing much about what you have and how you want it to work.

Thanks ThinhDinh for this approach. The only doubt I have in this is that the price is not coming through a simple calculation. It will be getting calculated through a regression model / complex algorithm. Is there a capability to do that modeling inside Glide OR can I fetch that price through an API from some other system?

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Use maths column to add the total price then use the total as your final value

So you can only calculate it using a Google Sheets formula?