Price Calculation based on selected data

Hi we are building a booking system, we want the final price to be calculated based on data given and selected:



So calculation would happend if the service is A and duration is 60 Mins then Rs X if Service is A and duration is 120 Mins then Rs Y

Can someone help

I think you could do that with a math column…

Service x Durration

As long as you service and durration columns are user specific then that should work well

Would you mind elaborating it ?

Perhaps this post can put you on the right track:

You will need to become familiar with some of the following:

Math column: Allows you to make calculations based off basic number columns.
User-specific columns: Your basic columns are either global (all user of the app see the same data) or user-specific (two users will see different values of the same cell). These are used in calculators if you want each user to have their own calculations within the same calculator.
Choice component: Might be useful if you have multiple services to choose from in your calculator
How to create a custom form by @Darren_Murphy. A calculator is a use case of a custom form.