Some math realtime when adding or editing row not in the Users table


You know, I’m making site for freelancers.
I wanna do some calculation realtime when freelancer entering price for a new service.
When he choose in select component 1000 I wanna show him final price 1250 in the text field below.
The current table I edit is Services (not Users).

Is it possible to do?

Is this when adding a new service?

You would need to use a custom form.

  • Write your service choice to a user specific column
  • Relate that choice to your list of services
  • Use a lookup to fetch the price
  • Use a math column to perform whatever the calculation is

When a user submits, because it’s a custom form you would need to use an Add Row action to create the new row.


Might help to see some screenshots. It’s definitely possible, but it depends which screen you are trying to do it on.

Thank you Darren. I will try it.

Thanks, Jeff. Darren is right. It’s possible if we are adding new Service from User’s table.

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Actually, just re-reading what you wrote - the price is being entered. So there is no need for the relation + lookup. All you need to do is write the entered price to a user specific column, and then do the math directly.

The key is the user specific column, because the values are written as soon as they are entered, which means you can use them to perform calculations. With a native add form, you can’t do this because the new row isn’t created until the form is submitted.


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