Calculator - Adding projects that hold calculations unique for the user - Is it possible?

Hi there,

I’m creating a carbon emissions calculator and I’m wondering if there is a possibility for the user of the app to:

  1. Add a project
  2. Which leads to calculator page and saves calculations in that project
  3. Then, a page called My Projects will hold all the projects added to the app
  4. After clicking on each project, it’ll open a project details page with a table of calculations that have been made

I’ve already created the calculator, but I’m not sure how to add that project layer to the app, so that each new project starts and saves brand new calculations.

Is it the case of somehow relate each project to the calculations row? If so, how to do that?

Is something like above possible at all?

Many thanks!

I’d start by creating a Projects table, and add the columns you need to store the raw data for each project. eg. the values that are used in the calculations.

Then it’s just a matter of creating a form that will gather the data, and add a row to your projects table.

How are you currently doing your calculations?
Are they done in the Glide Data Editor, or in some external source such as a Google Sheet?

Depending on the nature and complexity of the calculations, I’d be inclined to add all the calculation logic to the Projects table. This would allow for dynamic calculations with results shown immediately as each project is viewed.

Hi Darren,

Thanks so much for a quick reply - It all makes sense, thank you!

My calculations are done in Glide Data Editor, they are quite complex…:

  1. The tricky part is that each project needs to contain multiple calculations within it
  2. Each calculation is based on material that you choose from dependable drop-down list:

Screen Recording 2023-01-09 at PM

  1. These multiple calculations need to be saved in individual project.

Do you think it’ll be possible?


I see.

What are you currently doing with the calculations - are they being saved in their own table?
Or do you just clear out the form each time and throw away the data?

If you’re already saving each calculation, then the simple solution could be to associate each one with a Project via a ProjectID column.

The calculations are being saved in a separate Calculator table:

I see! This is what I might be looking for. How do I create that ProjectID column? I tried to find a Unique Identifier option, but no avail… Could you help?

  • Add a RowID column to your Projects table (this will be the ProjectID)
  • Add a column to your Calculator Table, and name it ProjectID
  • To associate a calculation with a Project when you save it, add a Choice component to your Form screen:
    – Use the Projects table as the source
    – The target column will be your ProjectID column
    – Use Projects->RowID for the value
    – Use the Project Name for “display as”

Then later on, to associate calculations with Projects:

  • Add a multiple relation column to your Projects table, that matches the RowID with Calculations->ProjectID
  • Use that relation as the source of a collection on your Project details screen

Thank you so much Darren, I’ll try to make it work and let you know! STAR

@Karina_Pysz - I just had a closer look at your earlier screen shot, and I noticed that you’re using User Specific Columns in your Calculations table:

(I can tell they are user specific by the “blue” icon next to the column name)

Are you aware that only the user that creates these rows will be able to see this data?

If it’s intended to be visible to other users, then you will need to change that.

Yes, this data needs to be user-specific. Each user needs to have an ability to create their own projects and calculations within it.


So no user should ever see any other users calculations?

If that’s the way it should be, then a better approach would be to use Row Owners.

User Specific columns aren’t really intended to be used in the way that you’re doing it there. Normally you only use them when users need to write different values to the same column in the same row. But if I understand what you have there, each user is adding a new row when they save the calculation.

It appears as though you’re using a custom form, so you definitely need to be collecting the form inputs into user specific columns. But when you save the calculation, you should take those values and write them to non-user specific columns.

I see… This is very helpful to know, thank you. Yes, the idea for now is that each user has their own calculations, but you made a good point…

I’ll explore Row Owners and all the information you provided above. I’d need to digest tit and play around with it and I’ll get back to you shortly. Thank you for your help!

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Hi Darren,

Your solution with RowID and ProjectID worked perfectly! Thank you.

I have a quick question regarding the Project form > when clicked Add. I’d ideally like to make a calculation over there, on that form pop-up, do you think it’s possible?

I made a short video to explain it: Screen Recording 2023-01-09...

The issue that I’m facing is that I can’t replicate the same steps when re-creating that calculator on the pop-up form. E.g. the Relations options are not showing up as they are in my original calculator.

Do you happen to know why this might be? Thank you

The native Add form and Edit form are technically not connected to any row. It’s kind of a temporary state where your new or existing data is held. Because of that, computed columns such as relations, are not accessible because data has not been written to a row yet.

The difference with your custom form, is that each time you change your choice, the value is immediately written to the table, so the relation can be built off of that value and you can access that relation.


Thank you Jeff, that explains it well!

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