What is the best approach: 1 app many users, or each user their own app

I am creating a calculator for stores to help them decide on a price when doing a promotion. I am unsure how I can implement this in Glide, and unsure if, when implemented it would be affordable. (I live in Brazil, and half of my target audience is Brazil. The exchange rate kills us here.

So the person running the store would calculate what price they want to charge. Ideally this result would be stored for them to look at later, giving them a history. They will also be able to add what really happened to compare.

If I make one app, and store the information, AND get enough people to subscribe, seems to be the way to ensure the best value for users.

If I understand correctly, if each maintains thier own data only, it would be a an app per person, and include the cost of a Pro App per month plus any profit for me.

Am I understanding this correctly?

the problem being confidentiality. People do not like to share their decisiions and results, even if no one else can look at them, and with the number of people, the complexity grows, the table could become unmanageable in a very short time, is what I fear. Plus, if information should be hacked, I would be liable.

Row Owners would be the way to secure your data so a user will only have access to their own data. Multiple apps would be a logistics nightmare to keep all of them updated and identical. Also, it would be costly, because you would need a pro subscription for each individual app and you would have to pass that cost along with your maintenance charge onto the customer.

I would never attempt multiple apps that donthe same thing. As long as you have proper security set up, then there is no need to worry about data being shared or hacked.

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thanks, that makes it clear! Plus I could do a benchmark analysis.

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