Create a new column where I added

First I have to say that I’m loving the Glide and this community. I´ve never ever seen a so active community that really support us.

Well, unless I don’t know, my tab has over 30 columns and I´d like to add a new column between 2 in the beginning since I added, but it added in the end. So I have to drag to the beginning where I´d like to put it.

Got it?

I agree. It would be nice if we could right-click a column and select insert a column here.

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Btw It´s a great honor to receive a msg from you agreeing with me. Thx so much. I´ve learned many things watching u.

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You can always rename the column you want to move , adding for instance… move.
The same with the column immediate after where you want to insert the new column.

Then filter columns by …move…and you get the 2 columns. Finally just drag the new column to the left… And remove …move…from names.

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This is a really handy technique to be aware of. Especially when you combine it with a consistent column naming scheme. I usually use a common prefix with all my non-basic columns that identifies the column type. For example, all of my User Specific Columns will be usc-xxx, and my Relation columns will be rel-xxx. That, combined with the above, makes it very easy to organise my columns :slightly_smiling_face:

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Closing this one, as it is a duplicate of the below: