Arranging the columns in glide table

How do the others deal with this ?

If you have a lot of columns in your table (e.g 40) and then you add in another column, it adds it at the end. However if it is related to a number of other columns and I need to move it, I have to move it from the end to the start of the viewable section of the table and then scroll to the left and repeat until I find the location.

This can get a little frustrating. Obviously a small price to pay but just seeing if I am missing something ?


Here is some inspiration… Jason from the Glide team should be working on a way to add a tab to anywhere today.

One trick is to name a new column with a keyword that’s in the name of a column it should be next to. Then use the search bar in top right of GDE to narrow down the columns. Next move the New column to the left of the old.

Hopefully we won’t have to do this anymore :sunglasses: