Move multiple Glide data columns at once

Glide data tables can be grouped using the naming format [group]/[field name]



Columns can be moved individually by dragging on the field name

The request is to be able to move groups of columns by dragging on the group name

Until this feature is released, here is how I would do it:

  • Let’s imagine we have 50 groups of 3 columns each, grouped left to right from 1 to 50.
  • I want to move columns 50a, 50b and 50c between groups 1 and 2 (therefore between 1c and 2a).
  • I would rename Group2/2a to Group50/2a.
  • Upper right in Search, I would type Group50: I should see Group50/2a, Group50/50a, Group50/50b and Group50/50c in this order.
  • Now starting from the right, I’ll drag 50c to the left of 2a, 50b to the left of 50c, and 50a to the left of 50b. Now columns 50a/b/c are to the left of 2a.
  • Rename Group50/2a back to Group2/2a.
  • Click on the x in the Search to remove the column filter.

The explanation is probably more complicated than it actually is. The idea is simply to filter the columns to a few which makes the drag-and-drop process easier.

Column grouping in Glide Tables
(I do the xyz trick sometimes, same idea.)

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