Counter selected / deselected elements in Choice component

Hello colleagues.
My question was related to multiple selection in the Choice component.
I want to show the user how many items are Total in the list and how many he has already marked as selected.
All this should happen in real time, both when adding data to the database and when editing it.
Is there some way to make the glide count this?

It’s possible, but you will need to use a custom form. Direct the choice component at a user specific column, use a split text column to create an array from the choices, and then use a rollup column to count the items in the array.

As far as I understand, this way of counting will have an extremely negative impact on the number of updates per month?

It will incur more updates than a native form, yes.
That’s the trade off.

Thank you. It looks like I’m going to have to make a difficult choice between the number of updates and user experience.

By the way, will the method described by you work not only in the case of editing, but also when adding?

Yes, it will work with both adding and editing.

I tried to implement this idea in different ways and it didn’t work.
Until you press the “Submit” button, the counter does not respond to pressing Choice.
What’s wrong?

Are you using a Custom Form?

Well, of course not ))
Thank you