Is there a way to set Column value when user changes items in choice component?

Hi Guys,

I have a choice component for every row items. I have multiple items like Submitted, Posted, Live, Sent . I have a requirement where I need to have a count of how many items have had the stage Submitted and Posted.

Point to note is after The states keep changing so I dont think I can use query and rollup combination to have the count.

Is there a way to set a particular column value when user selects the choice options?

Thank you in advance.


You should convert those to buttons so you can use a set column action accordingly when the status is changed.

Hi @ThinhDinh ,

Thank you for replying. But since my choice component resides inside the column

I’ll need to have 4 columns for 4 choice options

Am I correct ? Or is there any other way of doing it ?


any way can we use Glide API, or any other solution.?


It sounds like you don’t need a set column action. You could try adding a relation from the status column to itself. Then do a rollup via that relation.

Edit: I guess that will only count active statuses. If you need a counter then it should be a button

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply.

I am not sure this will work because

Scenario: I first choose Submitted as my choice option.

It registers a single relation

Now when I change the status to Posted for same element it looses the relation previously held and count will reduce right?

Meaning it will only show the count for the time the status for the record is either Submitted to Posted. When it changes the number also changes.

Let me know if I am making sense