Count Clicks on a Tab or Share Button

Just tried, this is amazing, thanx @Lucas_Pires

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You’re welcome! It’s an amazing tool

I have a button that’s visible only when our map is NOT visible (I switch it on & off in a different app). The button is just a placeholder. The button that is shows when the map is visible replaces this one. THAT button opens a webview of our map.


The button HAD no action attached to it, but I just knew people would push it anyway. I added a couple actions to it, one will add 1 to an increment column called “How many people pushed this button”. It also shows a notification that says “Your action has been reported to the Admin team”.

The 29th was the first day of snow for us. That button got pushed 295 times before we activated the map.


Has anyone been able to figure out a way to add a record to a user’s sheet when that user clicks on a tab?