How can you add a record to a user's sheet when that user clicks on a tab?

I know other’s have mentioned this a year and half ago… So i’m curious if anyone has made any progress or found a work around???

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We still don’t have tab-based actions, so your best bet is to do something like Manan said below:

Basically hide everything on that tab, show only a button that the user has to click, then set a value somewhere to show everything else on that tab, and add a row to the sheet you want.

May we know what is your use case here?


Yes! I’ve got a notifications tab. In the bottom navigation bar it displays a small color circle on top of that tab when there are un-seen notifications.

I’d like to make it so that when a user clicks on the notification tab that small color circle disappears until a new notification has been added to that tab.

Are you determining whether it’s “unseen” or not by a user-specific boolean?

My approach for this would be to set a value in your user profiles data when the user clicks something on that tab, that would record their last interaction on that tab.

If the notifications’ timestamp are before that last interaction timestamp, then don’t count them towards your “unseen” count.


Sweet, I’ll try something out like this later today and report back out.

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