Could a JSON Fetch cause an image caching performance drop?

I Fetch a JSON from a Google Apps Script successfully. One of the items returned as a URL for an externally hosted image link.

I copy this link to a template column. This was a troubleshooting step to see if it would help w/ my problem, but I’m not sure it makes a difference.

In my app, I have a tab, in a Details view and a Title Component. The image link of this Title component is the link mentioned above.

When I use a web browser, the image is being shown as being hosted on Cloudinary, which is the Glide hosting, correct?

Can the fact that Glide will sometimes dynamically refresh the JSON Fetch column and thus rewrite the same image link cause cashing issues in the speed at which the images are retrieved in my app?

If so, what can I do to only to the JSON Fetch once?

Yes, that’s true.

I’m not sure if it relates to the caching performance, but the fetch column might refresh periodically and if your users access the app at the time it is recalculated, the image might appear empty at that specific time.

Is there a way to lock in the value that was fetched without it getting updated again, or otherwise prevent the JSON FETCH column for fetching the same row multiple times?

Does the image change based on the result of the fetch? If you’re confident it won’t change then I would advise having an action somewhere in your flow to write the image link to a static column.

No, it wouldn’t change. By action do you mean the action editor? I’m not sure how it fits into my flow. Or would I need some kind of boolean that would flip once the value was written to a static column and then no longer allow any new values to be rewritten to it?

I appreciate the pointers!

I mean let’s say you show each row in an inline list, then when the user wants to access the details view, theoretically you can add a “set column” action to set the fetched image link to a normal image column so it’s written in stone and won’t change even if the JSON changes.