Double API call with Fetch JSON

I am using a template column to construct a URL to be used to make a GET API call using a JSON FETCH. The template takes a static URL path and adds on a search variable inputted by the user

Then we use that column as the URL input to the Fetch JSON column.

On our server we are seeing 2 calls, after doing some tests, has anyone else seen this. I reduced my rows to only 1 row but I am still getting 2 API calls with the same user parameter

I suggest using the Construct URL column instead of Template for format URLs.

The Fetch JSON column is not cached, and will evaluate whenever its value is used / displayed on a screen (and also in the data editor while working on your app). If you need precise control of the number of times this is called, the Fetch JSON column does not offer that.


Hi David,

Thanks on Construct URL :slight_smile:

Understood on not caching and its not an issue, if does become an issue I can handle on the API side.

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