FetchJSON does not answer( but URL return right JSON

Hey guys!
Is there somebody familiar with JSON and\or FetchJSON Column? Help please, i spent a days and stack overflow((
Am trying to use an API, it works for other peiople outside of Glide well.
I use the ConstructURL, and it builds the correct URL.
When i use this URL - i see the correct answer in JSON in my browser.

But when I call the same URL by FetchJSON Column, it returns nothing(
I did it with empty JQ Query and with filled JQ Query by needed name var.
Both answers are empty(( Why?

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Any ideas @gvalero ?

I’m leaning towards a CORS issue, so please try this to see if it helps.

Thank you @ThinhDinh
Maybe the root cause is CORS…(
How to check this? Possible to fix?

There is a potential solution outlined in the post that @ThinhDinh linked to.


Oh, thank you, @Darren_Murphy ! Now i see the post)

@ThinhDinh, I am not familiar with JS yet. :roll_eyes:
The URL https://corsanywhere.herokuapp.com/ in any case should be the same, or where i should get the right CORSA-URL?
Thank you very much :pray:

You don’t need any JS, just add that URL before your current URL using a template column.

It would look like:


Then fetch from that new URL.


It works!! Amazing :pray:
Thank you so much, @ThinhDinh and @Darren_Murphy :pray:


Great to hear! Have a nice weekend.

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