About GlideApps Fetch JSON


URL_1 = Will return a string of json

URL_2 = Will return a string of json

GlideApps Fetch JSON (URL_1) is fine.

GlideApps Fetch JSON (URL_2) is empty. ( What happened ? )

Thank you.

That API is being called from a site (Glide) that is not the source site (Eagle), which violates the CORS policy for that Eagle site.

You can try using a proxy to retrieve the JSON in this case.


…and besides, if all you are trying to do is get a current date and time, you can do that with a Math column in Glide.

Although, in some cases, I can see some advantages to using an outside source for the date and time.

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Hi Jeff,

super big thanks. (hahaha…)

problem solved.



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