Fetch JSON doesn't work


I’m trying to integrate the MobyGames API but I’m getting this error message.
Can anyone help me? Thanks

" Function Error

TypeError: Failed to fetch"

Try to paste that URL into your browser and see what it says… do you have an API key for that service?

I’m afflicted with this
As an example, I put in Minecraft and got this.

And yes

it might be blocking Glide origin… did you try to fetch directly from the JavaScript column?

you can paste the URL here or PM me, so we can try…

No, but I don’t know how to do it
here I was following a tutorial on youtube

here you go:

omg!! how ? With GAS ?
Would you please explain or show me?

Yep… the power of GAS!!!

I wonder why it is rejecting Glide origin…

Here, I’ve managed to create a GAS, but after that, I don’t know what to do or what to put in it.

Do you want to take some classes with me? :wink:
Try to figure it out by yourself. It is fun to learn.
If you fail… you can hire me.

Haha that’s tempting, if I can finally do that in the back!

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No, please help me, I’ve been on it since yesterday and I can’t take it anymore.

oh… maybe that’s why your Glide origin is blocked… you exited limit of API calls LOL

This API uses CORS so it can only be called from a backend server. Fetch JSON runs on the client and is blocked (not because it’s Glide)–most APIs do this.

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Here I’ve found a new api, a new link and everything works perfectly with JSON. The only problem is that I can’t get a precise criterion (the game genre) and yet it’s in the link.

const jsonString = p1;

const javascriptObject =

return javascriptObject[p2].rating;

That’s the code for the ratings, do you have any idea how to get the genders? I’ve tried .genres (but it loops endlessly), I’ve tried .genres.name or .genresName but nothing works and nothing appears…

You have to create a helper table to break down the JSON into rows.

What does that mean?

Something like that:

Can I invite you on my glides and have you help me, please? Because I’m happy to have succeeded in what I did yesterday, but now I’m reblocking.

Is that what you are looking for?