Copy Value from A Column to User Specific Column


We are trying to implement this feature where we allow users to edit a piece of content which is stored in our column. And we want the user edited content to be stored in a user specific column. So that the user can compose an email with the edited content in the user specific column.

Do we have such a feature in place which would let us do that?

A workaround this would also work.

Kindly Advice.

If you point the body of an email component to a template column I think users can edit them in their mail app before they send it, would it work?

Ummm… Not really. How would the entire piece of content get copied in the mail app directly? Would it not be a two step process where:

  1. We ask the user to copy the content
  2. Then ask the user to compose the email and then paste the copied content in the mail app.

Ideally, this would work only when we had an option where on compose email action the entire text of the content would have got copied. But that is not the case currently

If I recall right, if you point the email body of the email component to a column, then when the user clicks that it will be the default content of the email.

Can you post a screen share of how it’s done for us to refer? That would be really helpful.

Here, for example.

Thank you so much. Not sure how we missed this. Thanks a lot.

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