Append a value to a column

Is it possible to append a value to a column rather than clear the existing value and then replace it with a new value?
I am creating a jobs app where employers post jobs and jobseekers apply for a job.
I have a Jobs sheet which contains a list of jobs. When a job seeker views a job, the job seeker can apply for the job by clicking a button. I have a column Applications in the Jobs sheet which I would like to use to collect all emails of users who have applied for a job.

Is there a way to add an email to the column which would have other emails as well? If I use Set columns, it only adds each users email after replacing the existing value. Any option to keep adding emails to the column?

Yes, this is possible. You can create a joined list of emails in a single column. One approach is:

  • Start with the column that will hold all the emails. Let’s call it “Emails”
  • Create two template columns
    • The first will contain a replacement for the current email to be added to the list
    • The second will contain two replacements: The current value of “Emails”, plus the next email to be added, separated by a comma
  • Finally create an if-then-else column to determine which template to use to write the new value of “Emails”. Use the first one if “Emails” is empty, otherwise use the second one.

Edit: if you also need to be able to remove emails from the list, check out this tutorial

Let me paraphrase in order to be able to understand.
I create a column Emails which is a basic column of Email type.
I create another column New Email to which when a job seeker clicks the Apply button, it will set the column New Email with the job seeker’s email address.
Then, I create a template column First Template which is A, where A is New Email.
Then, I create another template column Second Template which is “B, C” , where B is “Emails” and C is “New Email”.

Now, my question how would Emails column get updated? It is basic column, and if nothing is written to it, it will remain empty. Which column do I use the “If then else” column mentioned in the last point?

No, it should be a text column.

I would use a User Specific Column for this.

Yes, that’s correct.

When the user submits, you write the value of the if-then-else column into your emails column.

If you want something to study, make a copy of the below app, and look at the Announcements table and screen.

Awesome! Thanks. Its working and the logic is beautiful. Love it! :heart_eyes:

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While setting the columns, I not only set the New Email column with the user’s email but also did the pasting of the If-then-Else template column to the Emails column. A screenshot pasted below:

How can I get the number of values inside a cell? For example, I have three values separated by comma in the Applicant Emails column. How can I get its count which is 3? I find that if I use rollup, I can only get the count of number of values within a column, and not within a cell.

I can’t think of an easy way to that inside Glide. Probably in the flow above you add increment action to a number column?

Ok. Great idea, Thanks

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