Copy Over Row IDs


I unlinked my Google Form from my Google Sheet by mistake. When I went back to relink it to the same sheet, it created a new sheet with the existing responses in the form.

It did not copy over the Row IDs, however. This is tied to businesses that people favorited, so I can’t give them new row IDs really, can I copy and paste the Row IDs from the old sheet onto the new one?

Let’s say I add a Row ID column, then replace all of those with the original ones by copy and paste, would that break my app and business to Row ID link?

OR ( now looking at ALL the Glide formulas I have in the old sheet)

Is there a way I can relink the form to the old sheet? I saw a few videos that allowed you to choose the tab within the entire spreadsheet, but that option does not come up for me.