Convert existing Sheets-based tab (data, computed columns) to Glide Table

@David_Gabler We are looking into it and doing some work to make this possible.


@Nuthinking As a start you could convert google sheets to glide tables and only actually convert the raw data from google sheet and then of course add the special (like template column) glide columns. That would help me a lot


+1 - Glide already makes a copy of the Google Sheet. Then, it synchs changes both ways. In order to transition to Glide Tables-only, couldn’t Glide simply stop synching and remove the connection to the Google Sheet?


I could be wrong, but it seems that’s what they did with my Excel tab when I removed it from the workbook. All the other Excel tabs stayed as Excel sheets, and only the tab I had removed appeared as a Glide Table, and all the computed columns were still there, etc.


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+1 :grinning:

Sorry to be a pest, but this is the second most voted feature request, and it is getting more and more necessary to be able to convert sheets to avoid sync charges.

Just trying to bubble this up to get some attention.




any rumors on this? any chance this can happen soon?
or should i start on the journey of manually creating my 400+ column glide table


Any news about this feature?

Vote to please get it


if i rename a column - all relegated info change also change it’s source or aim in case of column name.
all google sheets have a copy sheet in glide.
just make all link to glide table instead of google.

i try to remove google base:
“To Remove the spreadsheet, move existing Google Sheet columns to another data source or remove the features from your app that use them.”
ok. please give that possibility. all need - is just unlink google sheet. thats all!
i just remove a google sheet from googledrive - my app keep working. just i don’t have a copy in google. but i can’t remove a sheet. why?

@david and team

There is a point in time when the tool you started with is too cumbersome so you move to a new tool because it has advanced to the point that it is offers significantly more benefits.

Glide Tables is that new tool and Google Sheets is the old tool for many of us.

Scalability and Performance and investment are all accelerating well past Sheets for many, many Gide-focused uses/apps. And with BIG tables coming soon, with Glide analytics coming soon after I hope…

…now is the time to announce Glide’s commitment on supporting full migration from Google sheets to Glide tables. Full migration means maintaining computed columns, actions and screens within the app without changes. Rename a Sheets table to its Glide table twin and you are off to the raises.

This is one of the key, if not the top with 57 votes, asks from the community to build better apps faster. And is a key differentiator as you move into corporate accounts.

Control your data / Control your destiny


Thanks for the feedback, @MattLB!

That’s a great idea… We’re just very busy with other priorities.

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Glide experts have voted since this is a use case specific to current experts who have developed complicated apps that are nearly impossible to migrate but would DEFINITELY benefit from a Glide data store.

But for future customers within corporations that go from quick demo to production I believe migrating from a demo environment based on Google sheets to a Production environment based on Glide tables is a critical feature and selling point for rapid adoption of Glide development and hosting services.

Even a phased approach with migrating Data/Compute Columns and a better ‘Find Uses’ to ensure you check/verify all your screens would be a HUGE benefit and would be a selling point to corporate prospects.

As an aside, I just described Glide as “Data-driven Wix” to a friend who took over responsibly for a Non-Profit’s web-site built on godaddy. He is a no-code/low-code new developer who thought Wix had all the capabilities to create a web-site that is outwardly facing (Wix does) plus needs internally managed data (Wix does NOT) such as users, registrations, payment tracking, schedules, coaches, volunteers, etc.

After spending months trying to McGyver 3rd party solutions within Wix I showed him a demo using his data - extracted from his current tool as a CSV - which took one day to build and he was surprised by the functionality/intrigued. I then showed him what the dev platform looks like - straightforward design language, relatively easy to use to build good looking web-pages BUT you control your data’s display and control the underlying data set/relationships and he was sold.

He signed up with Glide last Thursday and will have a demo in Glide for the Non-Profit by next week. He will use Google sheets for a small handful of basic data but will migrate most of it to Glide tables (lessons learned and thanks for the import into Glide table functionality). Glide does ROCK.

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just a short thing about migration problem:

there is a 2 situation:

  1. complicated - need move from google to glide all column with calculation (sometimes it’s mean that in glide must appear several column)
  2. easy - no need move any formulas from google to glide, because there are no any formulas. just a base. all need - just copy in glide, just stop sync to google and keep work with glide base
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