Create Glide Table from Google Sheet

I see this has been requested more than once, but now that Glide has added the feature to create a Glide Table from an Excel tab or Airtable, I think they should finally bite the bullet and add this feature to Google Sheets as well.

You see one of my templates uses Sheets, and Glide now wants me to modify it to use Glide Tables, and I just tried by copying the app and deleting a Google Sheet, and it did not create a Glide Table.

In addition, more than half of some of my table’s columns are computed columns, and currently Glide retains those when converting from Excel to Glide Tables.

Since everyone who has a template in the Marketplace has to convert their Sheets to Glide Tables, can Glide give us this feature on Sheets also?

Please? It would not be so bad if I could simply point my forms to new tables and everything would work. I have to literally rebuild everything from scratch on a template that took two weeks to write.

+1 I need to migrate many google sheet table from my clients to Glide table to save Sync updates




Good morning all,

This topic already exists as a Feature Request here: Convert existing Sheets-based tab (data, computed columns) to Glide Table - #12 by Awn_Freihat and it has 31 votes. If we want Glide to implement this feature, we should probably put all of our “eggs” in one basket.

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I agree. I could not find that specific request using a search of the forums. I just placed my vote there.

That request is old:

And I found several in various other places where it has been asked even older than that. So…

Especially with the new sync model, it seems Glide should give us this feature to help us incorporate their new pricing model.

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If you navigate to the Feature Requests category then sort by Votes, it’s now tied for #2 as the most requested new feature:

Hopefully, the Glide Dev Team takes notice because I’d love to get away from all of the Google Sheets that my app lives on now and convert them to Tables.

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Vote here: