This is a strange one but I need to cover it here nonetheless.

What are Glides contingencies for users apps should glide be acquired in the coming months/years.

I feel the platform is so strong that it is going to garner these types of offers very shortly if you haven’t already.

A great deal of us have spent an enormous amount of time on our apps and to lose them suddenly would be more than heartbreaking.

Trying to see things coming. How would existing apps continue to function if at all should this occur?


Interesting. Don’t the acquirers have to honor the previous contracts the acquired company has? I am hoping previous members would be ‘grandfathered’ in.

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To my knowledge Glide has no intention of selling and if they go under they will make all of their source code open source for us to use.

It would be great if the team could chime in and provide some definitive feedback on this, one way or the other. @Mark , @david? Can you shed some light into your thinking on this topic? It would be greatly appreciated!

This topic is especially important because Glide is a no-code platform. E.g. Microsoft is acquired by Google :wink: I am still having C# code-base for my portal. But not the case with Glide. Thanks.

You will not “suddenly” lose your apps, that’s for sure. Please don’t ask for more details because this is speculation—I have no idea what some hypothetical acquirer is going to ask us to do in ten years, or even what kind of company Glide will be in two years. I do know that we created Glide for you, and would consider it an unacceptable compromise to jeopardize your hard work, so in any event, we will fight for continued service and a reasonable way to transition the service if needed.

The best thing you can do if you want to ensure the continued availability of your Glide apps is to upgrade to Pro today :wink:


Forgive me for being so blunt about it David, I know it’s an impossible question to answer really and I didn’t mean to in any way call into question you and the team always having users’ backs - that’s what the platform is all about after all. However, I did have to ask the question as a matter of my own due diligence. Fortunately, the apps I have built are already pro apps :blush: - does that confer any special protections moving forward?



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