Content of relation Column is not updated with the new added Category

Hello All,

I’ve some issue with my app. Maybe I use wrong way to do things.

I’ve 2 tables : USERS and CATEGORIES. In the USERS’ table, there are 10 column with same name and numbered (CAT 1 CAT 2 CAT 3 etc) that are populated by an arrayformula in Google Sheet, like this :

={"CAT 10";arrayformula(if(REGEXMATCH(E2:E;"TEACHERS");"TEACHERS";""))}

Because users fill a Google Form, writing in the E column with multiple choices, comma separated.

In this USERS table, Glide nicely create a Relation column named CAT.

In the CATEGORIES table, I’ve created a list of those same categories, with a Relation Column.

So I can display in Glide a list of Categories, based on the CATEGORIES table, and when users click on a category, they see all users in this category.

Everything was OK since I decided to add a new category, so a new row in the CATEGORIES table.

The CAT column in USERS table is well update, users choose a new category, and I see it in this auto-generated column, however, the row of this new category in the relation column in the CATEGORIES table does not update with users ID :confused:

So for now, I can’t display users in this new category…

Maybe I do something wrong. I try to create a new relation column in the CATEGORIES table, the old rows are all well populated but not the new cat row…

Hope I can find some help here !

Hi, welcome to the community!

First off, to clear a misunderstanding, what you see here.

Is actually an “array” column, not a relation column. The icons probably tricked you, but relation columns and array columns are different.

I assume you created the Categories sheet the right way, which should be:

  • A column that contains all unique categories.
  • A multiple relation matching the category name to the array column created in the Users sheet.

If you have populated it the right way, and the new Cat10 column is actually a part of your array (you should move them together in the Sheet), the row should be populated.

If you need further help, you can send me the Sheet/a copy of the app with dummy data in private message, I will try to take time to have a deeper look.

Hello ThinhDinh, and I big thanks for replying.

Yes, it is an array column, sorry for the mistake.

When I tried to copy the app and sheet to send it to you, I notice that the row has been populated ! So I think this was not populated because the entire app has have to be reloaded… not just the data sheet ! so I get back in the original app and there MAGIC it was populated…

Thanks again ! I know how to do now, need to refresh the entire app by going back to the Glide app Dashboard and re-open the app :slight_smile:


Glad it was resolved. Do let us know if you need more help, and browse this community often for more tips!