Connecting email to glide pages? Possible?

Is it possible to integrate your inbox to Glide Pages? Is it possible to send or receive emails from Glide Pages?

If so, can I integrate a single email service or have users choice which inbox they want to integrate to their app?


No, not directly, and certainly not in any type of plug-and-play way.
It might be possible to integrate using various automation tools, but I imagine it would be quite complex and difficult to do. Certainly not something I’d want to try.

You can send email from Glide using a Send Email action, and it can also be done with external automation tools.

The only thing I can think of there would be to embed a webmail client inside a webview component - if the client allowed itself to be embedded. But that would be nothing more than an iFrame view - there would be no direct interaction between the webmail client and Glide.

After doing something like that recently I can confirm that’s not something you want to try. Typically the email providers give you the full content of an email, which includes the “history” if it wasn’t deleted, and it’s never nice formatting those. Some don’t even give you plain text, just pure HTML.

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