Confused at Math Column

Hello Community , Newbie here

  1. I watched Glide Math Column in Youtube and it look amazing , i trying to follow ( Ex1 )
  2. I already made Math Column and try input valuables and it work ( Ex2 )
  3. I try to show them up like in the video but nothing show up ( Ex3) so maybe i miss something
    I am new and pretty weak at these types of stuffs . please be kind and patient to me

Have you got the details screen set to This Item?

Already bro , I try many setting still not work , nothing show up for math column

What’s the thing you are showing on the screenshot? Is that a form?

My app ( first 2 pics) in detail screen , I want to make them like the one on Glide YouTube video

So the 3rd screenshot is from a Glide video? Can you link us to that one?