Conditional visibility working in editor, but not on app in phone/webpage (and vice versa)

My app’s URL:

I have a Separator component with conditional visibility (hides when switch is “on”, i.e., is visible when the value of the switch is not equal to TRUE). It seems to work fine in the app editor:

But not on the app itself, whether on my phone:

Or on a webpage:

I’ve tried signing-out, reloading app and sheet, etc.

More to it. When I flip the switch to show the separator (and the text below it), the condition now works correctly on the app (phone & web), but not in the editor:

I don’t know if you have been playing with the app since you posted this, but there seems to be a horizonal separator that hides when the switch is on and shows when the switch is off. You also seem to have lines above and below the rich text that don’t react to the switch. So in total it appears there are 3 separators, but when the switch is on, one disappears immediately, the text after disappears after a few moments, and what’s left is 2 lines above and below where the text used to be. Judging by the delay in the rich text hiding and showing, you must be controlling the rich text in the sheet instead of using visibility like you are on the separator. I’m not sure if you have horizonal markdown seperators in your rich text. On one hand, the layout seems wierd with the extra lines, but on the other hand, it’s reacting the way you described it should.

Thanks for your help, @Jeff_Hager. I figured out the problem; an error on my end. Also changed the conditionality of the text to the component, not the sheet to speed things up. Thanks for that suggestion.

I’m going to request deleting this post, as it won’t be of use to anyone.

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