Separator not showing

Please see attached. Why a particular separator isn’t showing? There aren’t any conditions for visibility on it.

Could you share your app, please?

It also very often happen to my apps. In the app builder, the separator does not appear if just after or before an inline list, for example. Also noticed when a separator is after a text field / address.

BUT this occurs only in the builder. When you open the app on your device, the separators are there.

I recognise this as well!

they seem to appear and disappear depending on how many items are on the page. if you add a component above or another separator, it should appear.

Hi guys. It’s due to the separator.being very thin and the preview needing to be scaled down on some screens. Due to different scaling algorithms used in different browsers sometimes this results in the separator becoming invisible. As mentioned this is only a problem with scaled previews.

To translate what @Jason said, many of you have screens that are too small to show your app preview at the same resolution that it will display on phones, so we have to scale down your app preview when you’re building your app. When you scale down a line that’s two pixels wide, it can easily disappear.