Conditional visibility - need help with navigation steps

Hey folks! I’m brand new to Glide and really struggling with the “conditional visibility” video. I’m not sure why I can’t map it to my use-case, but it just won’t sink in.
All I trying to learn how to do is to make a field display and accept entry based on a specific value chosen by the form user in a different field. To be specific I’m building a contacts list app and there are a few types of organizations that collect a few additional attributes. So once the user picks these values in the Org Type choice field the additional entry fields should appear so they can enter them. Can someone give me the step-by-step navigation or share a video that has this exact example?
Really grateful. I’m embarrassed I can’t figure this out on my own!

Hi Martine, all of us take a while to get used to Glide, so don’t worry!

Can you share some screenshots or a video of the settings you currently have?

Thanks for replying - my questions are moot at this point, I was able to get assistance from a co-worker.

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