Condition of visibility of a document by user

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As an admin I post documents in the customer area of each of my users. However, when I post a document in a customer’s profile in their “document” area, all other users also see the document in their area. Do you have any idea how to add conditions of visibility only by email of each user.

I would like to clarify that I do not use a tabs button but a collection, because when the customer clicks on “my documents” a list of documents appears.

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En tant qu’administrateur, je publie des documents dans l’espace client de chacun de mes utilisateurs. Cependant, lorsque je publie un document dans le profil d’un client dans son espace “document”, tous les autres utilisateurs voient également le document dans leur espace. Avez-vous une idée sur la manière d’ajouter des conditions de visibilité uniquement par email de chaque utilisateur.

Je précise que je n’utilise pas un tab mais une collection, car lorsque le client clique sur “mes documents” une liste de documents apparaît.

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You can Filter where the email column is signed in user, or you can apply Row Owners to the email column.

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Hello, thank you for your reply and your responsiveness. However, in my application we have a customer member area and an admin area. The administrator must be able to see each customer with each document. If I enable the row owner it will only affect the type of account or login group. The problem here is that the display of all the documents of a member is the same for all the members instead of having each one of them privatized.

Maybe the filter, or tables rules can help me if you know ? Can you give me some details ?
Thank’s you.

Using Row Owners:

  • Create two “Owner” columns in your Documents table
  • Apply Row Owners to both of them
  • In one, put the email address of the Customer that should see the document
  • In the second, put the email address of your Admin user

(If you have multiple Admin users, then you might want to check out using Roles as Row Owners)

Using Filtering:

  • Ensure that you have the customers email address recorded in a column in your Documents table
  • Also ensure that you have a column in your User Profiles table (eg. Role) that identifies your Admin user/s
  • Apply a filter to your Documents list/collection as follows:
    – User Profile->Role is Admin
    – or Customer Email is Signed-in User

Note that the first method is preferred, as it is properly secure and guarantees that no customer can ever access documents of another customer.