Compound Actions breaking

That 2nd scenario, with the Error page, is what I was seeing a couple days ago too. Today, my link to screen action ended up being linked to a different sheet after I added two new sheets to my GSheet.

I wish there was a way to get it all back, but it seems doubtful. The main issue for me is that my action was a link to screen ---- That linked screen had lots of configurations on it AND a form button with a pretty complex form inside of it (with an action on form submit!). Without being able to save screens or form configurations or even action configurations, these bugs make it a pretty onerous task to redo everything!

I’m starting to duplicate apps on a regular basis so I have a semi-complete app to work from if something breaks.

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Omg, my Onboarding have about 15 screens linked by Link to screen

Felt my heart almost stopping here :cold_sweat:

@Lucas_Pires Do you still have the screen that shows “Error”? If so, could you please give me a support link and tell me how to get to the screen?

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Yes, didnt change anything.

Here it is

Home screen > click on profile user icon at the top > Languages


Quick sneak peek of the app :shushing_face:

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@Mark did you see it? Can I change it?

I saw it, thank you. I have an idea of what might have caused it, and working on a fix.


Thank you!! You guys are doing a great job


What I feared most, happened :sob:

I got discouraged here

@Lucas_Pires We shipped a potential fix. Let me know if you still see new screens disappearing.


Are you seriously making your app multilingual?? Are you going to make a bunch of If>Then>Else columns??

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HI @Mark — the issue is still present when new sheets are added to a GSheet. I just had my Action break again after I added a sheet ---- this time I added it as the last sheet, but it still broke my link to screen action.

Not sure if it helps, but here’s the Support link to my app. The link to screen action was in place after clicking a date in the inline list in my main tab.

@kyleheney Where in the app is that action?

First tab (Create time sheet). Pick a pay for period to reveal an inline list of cards. That inline list has a link to screen action when the cards are clicked.

@kyleheney Thank you, I can finally reproduce it! Fix will roll out in two hours or so.


Yessssssssss!!! You have no idea how great that is! This will be the 5th time I recreate all the screens and forms that happen after this action. Can’t wait!!

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The fifth and last!

Ok, Mark! Thanks! I redid what I lost, but soon I share the app. The name is Succipe. You’re gonna know it

Yes @Pablo_books! In this case I’m using this method :grin: easy but hard to do
Only decided to do it, because my app doesn’t have so many informations that will change

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minha mãe!

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