Compound action: view details shows wrong row/sheet

I’m using a compound action in an inline list based to view the detail of the row just clicked. Let’s call the detailed screen A.

Before the action “view details” I’m using an action “add row” to insert a row to another sheet (B) for log purposes.

The action “view details” then unfortunately doesn’t show up the detail of the row in the inline list, which the user clicked, and what one would expect.

Instead it opens the screen A but with the data of the row in the sheet B which the action “add row” has just inserted. As layout A doesn’t match data in sheet B the screen remains empty.

Compound action bug

What happens if you reverse the actions?

Ah yes, this might be a work around for my special case.
But it’s certainly not a solution.
The action “view details” seems to loose the connection to the inline list and returns a row from a wrong sheet.

As pointed out by George here, this might be the root cause.

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