🐛 Compound Action Bug

@Jason @Mark

I ended up doing it in another way, but I think this could be a possible bug

What happens if you do the Set Columns action before the Add action?

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@George_B it worked :thinking: any hierarchy for this to happen? Because for me there is no difference since it would be only these 2 actions

I think the issue is that when you Add to a different table you are “moving” off of the current table and the pointer is lost. So you should first do the Set Columns for the actual currently active table, then do the add row.


Noted :writing_hand: :white_check_mark:

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wow, that’s so obvious - but incredibly useful/important to be aware of.


I’ve found a similar problem, maybe they are connected.

Your explanation might be a reason.

But in my case the app tries to show a row which doesn’t match with the layout of the detailed screen. Until now, I was told that the layout of a screen is always bound to one table, which seems to be compromised here.

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