Compose email action

Hi there,
Is there a way where an app user could send an email through compose email action without the recipient full email becoming obvious in the message (instead the recipient name would be apparent to the user in the message)?

The “Compose Email” action is going to open the user’s native mail app with all info visible.
Two solutions:

  1. You can upgrade your app and use the “Send Email” action!
  2. If you’d prefer to keep your app free/personal right now, look into using Zapier to auto-send emails (would have to utilize a form button or user specific values + add row action).

you can create your own email center, and control all parameters…

email center

the template is available in Templates Market


Thanks MegannLock!
The send email option works with the private upgrade. It’s does not even work with the Pro subscription.

Thanks Uzo for the help!

Another alternative is sending info through a webhook and then process everything in Integromat. It’s cheaper.

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Thanks a lot ThinhDinh!

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UZO… what is the best method to automatically attach a block or array to the email? Let’s say I am generating an estimate… how do I get the full estimate over to the email center to send…? Any help much appreciated…

i may have figured it out…

Actually… i didn’t… could really use a short tutorial about how to get a specific block of text to be substituted in the body of the email…

What i use, is the join column to gather all info (you can filter it with some if else conditions) and then replace joining character with a break line or whatever suite my needs for that message

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