Replace email address with text

Email component

Is it possible to not display the actual send to email address I would prefer to add a bit of text instead ie, “email app support

It just looks a bit untidy!

I think without using a workaround you can just have a button and use a compose email action.

Do you want to use CSS to hide the email here instead?

I have tried the button (Email) and it puts the column title plus the full email address too
So if there is any CSS that may be

the answer


there is no need for css, just use an Action Text component


I meant a button that points to a compose email action, not the email component.

I think he wants to send an email without showing the recipient and body… for that you can use a script with trigger… or you can use action with PRO App

This is ideal, great use of the new icons available for action text.

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yes I did not put the same icon :frowning: but to do like Email, the icon is called “Envelope”

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Thanks for your input
I just want to avoid seeing the email address []
I gave tried email button and action text but the email address is always shown

here is a sample of a button to send an email: SAMPLE

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 5.30.46 PM

just enter a valid email to test the button, click the button… and check your mailbox…