Components not showing

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Hi team!
The components used on a detail page are not showing in the app!
what to do? (forced reload, clear cache etc. did not help…)
Thank you! Thomas

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 00.34.44|652x500

I’m looking at it.

We recently made a change in how Glide recognizes row headers. Previously Glide would guess, but sometimes the guess was wrong, and the only thing to do was to change your sheet. Now Glide will interpret frozen rows to mean that the frozen rows are the header. In your About sheet you’ve frozen the header as well as the data row, however, so the data row is interpreted as the header, and the table is empty. Just unfreeze the rows, or use a single frozen row and you should be good.

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Right! Good to know. Thank you for the quick response Mark. Cheers

I usually have two rows frozen - row 1 for the actual headers and row 2 (which is empty) for my arrayformulas. The data rows start from row 3. Will that be a problem?

If it’s not a problem right now, then it’s not a problem :wink:

It might be wise to do what is linked below instead. This has helped me greatly in organizing my spreadsheets and ArrayFormulas better. Give it a shot. Kudos to @George_B for the help.

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Yes, this is a really good way of managing arrayformulas. I use it for some of my newer sheets.