Glide is skipping a row

Hi, a quick one:

In the sheet : 3 rows of data.
On Glide : shows only 2 rows worth of data. Row 1 is skipped.

I have tried many different approaches, but row 1 is systematically skipped.

Anybody know why?

@unebiere welcome to the community.

Can you post a screenshot so we can see?

Do you have any filters on your app?

Hi, thanks for the welcoming. Here is a screenshot.

No. I didn’t even know such a function existed. :slight_smile:

Just for tests, I also tried something like this, and it gives this:

Glide treats the first row as column headers.


This is correct. Your first row is always treated as a header so this is intended behavior.

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Here is a guide to set up your spreadsheet

Thank you.

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