Detect frozen rows as headers

Hey Guys,
I often use two rows for headers, where I use the first row as a header and the row below it to use for formulas, generally arrayformulas to apply to that column.

The problem I often have is when using inline lists, the formula row appears as an empty entry on top of the others in the inline list.

To fix this I often just apply a filter, normally to whatever row ID I am using and filter if it’s not empty. That works except if I want to apply any other filter.

Is there a way to ignore that row without using the filter so I can use the filter with a if then column?

Thank you

Take a look at this method. Maybe this would work for you.

@George_B has an excellent option, but I’ll throw in a second option as I’m big on 2 row headers as well. I add an IF statement that will check if a certain column in a row is empty. If it is, then I display a blank. Blank rows will not show in the inline list.